Our latest article: The Culture of Silence claims its latest victim. Robert J Davies reports on the shoddy treatment of senior academic Dr Stephen Pax Leonard by Durham University, which has stripped him of his research fellowship over a handful of outspoken tweets following a smear campaign by left-wing students. Read the article here.

PRESIDENT Trump wants to make America Great Again. Right now, we would just settle for making Britain Normal. What a great start that would be. We’re a deeply abnormal country these days. We’re becoming a horrible place to live. The Left is succeeding in forcing their Equality and Diversity agenda onto us as a sort of ersatz religion to replace the decent, gentle, traditional values of a socially-conservative nation.

Nobody knows what kind of country Britain is any more, or what being British means. Our identity is being wrenched away from us. We no longer know who we are as a people; what we believe in; or even the difference between right and wrong. Having been utterly discredited economically, the Marxist Left embarked on a cultural revolution, greatly helped by the European Human Rights Act, Britain’s own Equality Act 2010 and that unwelcome and uninvited social phenomenon of our time: mass immigration.

The Left has learnt to weaponise race, gender and human sexuality to whip up discontent among minority groups as part of its agenda to utterly transform Britain from the country we know and love into something wholly different.

Tragically, the party which bears the name Conservative – bereft of its own ideas – has become part of this process. The Rural Conservative Movement is a new voice in the politicalliy-correct wilderness, determined to get the Tories back on the right track and with it, the country too. On this brand new website we will provide a launching pad for a cultural counter-revolution – to stand up against the nihilistic agenda of aggressive egalitarianism, modernism, feminism and minorityism.

We will seek to develop Rural Conservatism into a unique and powerful philosophy for twenty-first century Britain, applicable to the wider Western world also. We aim to speak with a gentle voice but also a firm one and to prepare a solid blueprint for conserving what remains of our wonderful land.

Support us by following us on Twitter (@RuralConserv) and spreading the word about this Movement. We’re keen to build content on this site and would love to encourage discussion and debate. If you would like to write an article for us, perhaps talking from a personal perspective on how modern Britain is shaping up for you – then get in touch. Funds are scarce, you won’t be paid for it. For now at least, the Rural Conservative Movement operates on fresh air and goodwill. Maybe that’s no bad thing. Thank you for your interest and bear with us as we continue to¬† improve this site.

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