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Robert J Davies looks ahead to the consequences for the Tories and society as a whole, if the 2016 referendum result is betrayed and Brexit never delivered. Read his article here.

 A book review of All Among the Barley by Melissa Harrison, whose novel is set in 1930s rural Britain. It is intended, in part, to be a warning about the creeping Fascism of the time, with lessons for the modern era. Read it here.

BRITAIN is no longer a normal country – that’s why we want to make it normal again. We want to make it great also, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Getting back to being normal again would be a good start.

What do we mean by normal? It’s hard to put one’s finger on it. It’s the gut feeling we have – and you probably do too – that we’re simply not a happy, close-knit country any more, with a strong sense of who we are. On the contrary, we’re bitterly divided – on Brexit, obviously, but also on more fundamental matters. In which direction should our country go? There seems to be a mood on the Left, but also among the elites who control us, that there are two fundamental elements to being a successful society: Egalitarianism and Economics.

Of course, state-sponsored egalitarianism has been tried before, only under a different name: Communism. It made people poorer and deeply unhappy, even if it did, arguably, make them more equal. Economics? Will a thriving economy make us happier? It’ll help but only to an extent, for what is in our hearts is far more important.

We believe that politics should be less about arguing over economic data and more about appealing to the soul. After all, how many of us Leavers voted for Brexit because of the economic case in favour? On the contrary, we voted Leave for reasons less easily measured and this brings us on to what we believe, as a new political movement, is the foundation stone of what will make us happy again.

Firstly, a deep sense of belonging – to Britain and to each other. A sense that our neighbours are also our friends and that we and they belong to a comunity which looks after each other. That cannot be achieved in a climate of identity politics in which invididuals are encouraged to see themselves as separate from the rest of society and a victim of it.

Our nation is in thrall to a  left-wing agenda of Equality and Diversity thrust upon us as a sort of ersatz religion to replace the over-arching values and beliefs of a decent, gentle, socially-conservative nation. Our identity and sense of shared history is being steadily eroded. Into the vacuum, strange values have emerged, like toadstools on a barren forest floor. Such is the state of Britain 2019, that we cannot now even say with confidence what makes us male or female.

Tragically, the party which bears the name Conservative – now cut adrift from its own ideological roots – goes with the flow, hoping to be more popular thereby. As a consequence, it is failing in its duty to nurture and protect our values and traditions. The Rural Conservative Movement is a new voice in the politicalliy-correct wilderness, determined to get the Tories back on the right path and with it, the country too. We hope to provide a launching pad for a cultural counter-revolution – standing up against the nihilistic agenda of aggressive egalitarianism, modernism, militant feminism and minorityism.

We will seek to develop Rural Conservatism into a powerful philosophy for twenty-first century Britain, applicable to the wider Western world also. We aim to speak with a gentle voice but also a firm one and to prepare a solid blueprint for conserving all that we hold dear. The Left will scoff that we represent the polar opposite of Progress. We would point out that progress is pointless if you’re heading in the wrong direction – as anyone catching a train from the wrong side of the track can testify. 

Support us by following us on Twitter (@RuralConserv) and spreading the word about this Movement. We’re keen to build content on this site and would love to encourage discussion and debate. If you would like to write an article for us, perhaps talking from a personal perspective on how modern Britain is shaping up for you, or if you think you have skills and expertise to offer, then get in touch.

Robert J Davies, RCM Leader

Sarah Lawrence, RCM Deputy Leader

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