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The Rural Conservative Movement began with a view like this . . .

INSPIRATION for setting up the Movement came while on a camping holiday in 2017 with my wife and children near Betws-y-Coed in the Snowdonia mountains.

I sat outside our tent looking out at a view similar to the one on this page – a towering ridge covered with tall conifers. All around was the most beautiful countryside. I gazed upwards in awe. I felt privileged to belong to a land of such beauty. But at the back of my mind was a nagging fear – that this country we love so much is under threat and future generations will not be able to enjoy it as we can. I felt an overwhelming desire, as I looked up at those Snowdonia peaks, to play my part in protecting this country and wresting it back from those who seek to destroy it.

For many years, as a staff newspaper journalist, I was unable to get involved in active politics but now, as a freelance writer, the opportunity was there. The question was how? As a naturally-conservative individual I ought to be drawn to the Conservative Party but saw little to inspire me. UKIP, having done so magnificently under the talented leadership of Nigel Farage, seemed to have lost its way after the referendum. Other groupings on the Right came across as unduly negative and harsh, talking too much about what they feared and disliked than presenting a positive case for the future.

I wanted to be part of a movement which was deeply-conservative; determined to protect our priceless rural heritage which I saw all around me and supportive of our Christian faith and centuries-old traditions – yet operating in a reasoned, gentle way. I decided that we needed a rural conservative movement, offering itself as custodians of our wonderful land. If it didn’t already exist, then I – hopefully with the support of a few othersĀ  – would be willing to start it.

A year on and we’ve acquired several hundred followers on our Twitter account, including a number of high profile politicians, an Australian ambassador, Oxbridge academics, top journalists and political commentators. Above all, we have attracted many people from all walks of life who feel despair and frustration at the failure of those who govern us – the actual custodians of this land – to understand the gravity of the situation we face and act accordingly.

It’s time now to take things to a higher level and that’s why, with the help of a small team, I wish to get this website really buzzing. The Rural Conservative Movement cannot seek to function as a political party – not yet anyway – but we can be part of setting the agenda as like-minded people determined to get this country back on the road to normality and encouraging the Conservatives to become conservative again.

Over the coming weeks and months, we hope to greatly expand the website with comment and analysis – where we’re going wrong and what we must do to put it right. We must not allow Jeremy Corbyn and his band of Left-wing extremists to set the agenda. I hope the RCM will make a fresh, original and invigorating contribution to the national debate – with friends and followers pitching in with ideas, contributions and articles.

With Brexit on the horizon, there has never been a better time to halt and rethink where we are at and where we’re heading. Regaining our independence gives us a precious opportunity to undo the damage already wrought – and move forwards to a better future.

Robert J Davies, Founder, RCM.

September 20th, 2018.

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